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MCARA Sea & War Stories

Sea Stories

The following unconfirmed tales have been submitted by MCARA members as part of our "Lore of the Corps" and new ones are always welcome as the first one never had any chance anyway! Just use the CONTACT US link to submit yours.

War Stories

The following stories submitted by MCARA members detail some memorable event or period in our history based on actual operations from WW II to the present. New stories are welcomed at anytime.. just CONTACT US to forward them to us.

Tell Me It Isn't So, Papasan To Kill a Cross Slot
The Green Chicken Duke's First SAM Strike
A Bunny Tale Quackenbush's Gypsies
The Bunny EA6A to the Mediterranean
3 Man Lift Not-So Happy Valley
Bill’s Black Box Clicking Off a NVA Truck
Gizmo Goes to War Castro's Revenge?
Kunsan Taxi Skyknight Down!
Thar She Blows, Another Whale Tale!  
Curfew Capers  
Switched Off for a Weekend  
Frescoe Firing Phantoms Flailing  
Harley v Charlie  
Bud-ing In