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MCARA welcomes all Marines, their family members, and associates who have an interest in USMC aviation reconnaissance and airborne electronic warfare squadrons, detachments, and supporting units. Membership is open to all active duty, former active duty, and retired Marines (including family members); attached medical specialists; contracted civilians (tech reps); and other vested personnel who are serving, have served, or have a motivated interest in any of those organizations.

It is our purpose to foster, promote, and perpetuate the feeling of camaraderie and esprit de corps among our members, as well as endeavor to preserve the past and promote the future of aviation reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

To accomplish these lofty goals, we encourage and maintain an active communication exchange among our members through our reunions conducted at various locations around the country; our own MCARA website at; our periodic newsletter, the Recon Log Book; and the MCARA messaging group within Yahoo.

Join today and be part of the action.

New Members

Click the link below to display the "Membership Application and Renewal Form" in PDF format. You can type in your personal information directly to the form on the screen. When completed, either press the Ctrl and P keys (together), or choose 'Print' from the 'File' menu to obtain a printed copy of the screen. (PDF format will not allow you to save a copy to your computer.) Mail the completed form with a check for the dues (made payable to MCARA) to:



C/O: Len Ingram
2404 Preston Ridge
Brownsboro, AL 35741

FOR RENEWALS ONLY: If you are renewing your membership and you have no changes to data in the current Membership Directory, you do not need to fill out the form. Just send a check with your name and phone number to the MCARA address above. The secretary/treasurer will figure it out.


If you wish to register by email, fill out the form below and click 'Submit'.

Terms and Conditions

“Membership in MCARA shall be open to: all Marines, without regard to rank or status, who have served honorably with any aviation reconnaissance or electronic warfare unit, including support units; medical personnel and civilian technical representatives who have served similarly; sponsored individuals; and others who are considered qualified by the Board of Directors.” MCARA Constitution and Bylaws

Dues (no application fee):
Enlisted: $10/yr $25/3 yrs Officer: $15/yr $40/3 yrs

A life membership is available to those over 62 years of age for $100. Installments can be arranged.

A full membership for the spouse is included with the dues of the qualifying member.

For questions contact Len Ingram, MCARA secretary/treasurer at (256) 536-2694 or

Mail checks to: MCARA, c/o Len Ingram, 2404 Preston Ridge Dr., Brownsboro, AL 35741.

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