MCARA Sea Stories

The Green Chicken

The following account was submitted by Larry Morgan as he collected the "Facts"

p.s. try these sea stories for bodacious!(SP)
From Lloyd Draayer:
Joe...thanks for the Misawa story. I had heard rumors about the incident but was always "afraid to ask." How about the rest of you guys out there...can anyone fill me in, concerning a Green Rooster around El Centro!

From Charlie Carr:
Actually it was the green rooster at Yuma. We, VMCJ-3, deployed to Yuma for a pre-westpac ex. and stayed for about 2-3 weeks. Liberty was in the Yuma environs until I believe midnight then over to Winterhaven for after hours drinking. A good spot was Red's Roost where the liberty was basic. Red had a big Rhode Island Red rooster which he kept in some sort of cage on the bar. He also had a 18 year old wife who evidently was not caged. One night, Sandy Carter and I think Rog Williams and I were in there, hustling the wife and eye-balling the rooster. Long story short, we diverted Red's attention, stole the rooster, took him back to the Q where we lodged him on our head. That was one pissed off chicken. Because the squadron colors were green, someone got some green food dye, colored the rooster, got some string and promptly walked the rooster around: the flight line, mainside, and the club. This, as you can imagine, got old, and as the bamboo grapevine was saying that Red was going to blow away the culprits who stole his chicken, we ran a ruse and put the rooster back in Red's Roost a couple of nights later. Unfortunately, Red was not as protective of his wife.

From Joe Stone:

Hey Charlie:

The Green Rooster story is an absolutely classic Marine Aviation Story. I love it!!! Now it's about time someone of the Green Arrow crowd fessed up and told the Kadena AFB "Flaming Hooker" story. I also remember one night in the O'Club at Kadena where some Marine Aviation types were demonstrating carrier take off by using chairs with wheels to launch drunk Air Force types off the balcony onto the main floor. Can anyone remember all the details? If so, spell out these stories for us.

Lloyd maybe an old rodeo clown could publish a "Broken-Green-Arrow" story book.

How 'bout this for confirmation!
>From Barbara Thuesen:

Hey guys,
I can verify the green rooster story, it was another one of those events the XO Ralph "Swede" Thuesen had to deal with! It is funny!

>From Dick Bishop:

I recall that the rooster was white when it was stolen. One of the guys in VMCJ-3 dyed it GREEN using food coloring. I also recall it was around the Flight Line for 2-3 days. One of the guys grew up on a farm. He placed the rooster's head on the floor one day and drew and imaginary line starting with the rooster's nose. The rooster became hypnotized and would have stayed like that indefinitely if it was not moved. You might want to contact Dick Bishop. He's kinda full of it some times but a good source of sea stories. He has kept some pretty extensive journals of his service. He was a corporal on the flight line in J-3 and on the same cadre that you went to Iwakuni with I think, (Graves was C.O.?) He also has an extensive mailing list (e-mail) and lots of pics and good contacts from potential MCARA members.

Dick Bishop <


Subj: Small World
Date: 10/15/00 11:12:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jim Janke)

This is not a sea story but a coincidence, thinking about Jake Wehrell, my old stick in VMCJ-3 when I came home tonight about 10:30 PM, turned on the History channel and was watching a program about Air America in Nam and whose face popped up? Jake Wehrell. What a shock. I was in VMCJ-3 from 55 through 59 and then to VMCJ-2 in 60, 61 when I went to Quantico and then to the F4 program.

Jim Janke Capt. USMC Retired