MCARA Notables

This website page is devoted to recognition of former members of our reconnaissance and electronic warfare squadrons that have made noteworthy and unique contributions to our profession and the Marine Corps. This page is still a work in progress as more sections covering various achievements and contributions needs to be added over time to help build our historical record. Some areas that have been suggested include recognition of those who have so ably supported the acquisition of our aircraft and systems while serving in requirements, program management and RDT&E billets. Clearly we need to recognize the special contributions of our maintenance and avionics veterans both officer and enlisted either for specific periods or career service. Same goes for the largely undocumented contributions of those Marines on the ground that help made the USMC’s reputation as a premier provider of tactical photo and multi-sensor reconnaissance products.

It is envisioned that the development of this page would become a formal part of our MCARA’s mission and involve inputs and nominations from the membership that would be acted upon by the board of directors. Members and visitors alike are encouraged to read and comment on the sections that are posted.

(Written by Col. H. Wayne Whitten USMC (ret) MCARA President 2008-2010.)