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With the major upgrade of content in our new website it seems appropriate to make some acknowledgments of key contributors and sources in an attempt to ensure we have not infringed on customary literary license. Since I am the principal author of most of the newly posted content I want to state up front that I have no pride of authorship beyond getting the facts straight as best I can. So with that every reader is invited to call attention to factual errors or obvious oversights that need correcting. Just use the CONTACT US link which for now winds up coming to me. That said the following specific acknowledgments are provided at the risk of insulting many others unnamed:

Flash and Jack

“Flash” Whitten and Jack Metrock

1. Jack Metrock , our honorary webmaster and “general manager” from the beginning.

2. Jerry O’Brien, a long time MCARA member and author of Top Secret, A Ready Room History of Electronic Warfare & Photo Reconnaissance in Marine Aviation 1940-2000, a major source for this site.

3. John G. Bishop, author of Cameras Over the Pacific, a history of VMD-254 in WW II.

4. VMD-154 Association and their well done website.

5. VMD-354’s Website, again a great definitive source and well recommended link from our site.

6. VMFA-251’s Website, which provided information on the early deployment of VMO-251 in WW II.

7. The late Daniel Georgia, Major USMC (ret), a pioneer in USMC ECM, who took the time to write a lengthy personal history of the origins of the ECM capability in the Marine Corps.

8. Don Kincart, a plank owner in VMC-1 and plane capt for RM-1, the AD-4NL modified by Georgia in Korea.

9. John Cleveland and Jim Janke, two early avionic technicians turned ECMOs who related their first person stories of helping another USMC pioneer, WO Joe Bouher, and others modify the prototype F3D-2Q in VMC-3 and VMCJ-3 in 1955.

10. MCARA members and early ECMOs Marty Lachow, Duke Steinken, Jim Doyle, Norm Charboneau, along with Bgen Art Bloomer who always helped sort out the details from the past.

Colonel H. Wayne “Flash” Whitten USMC (ret)
President 2008-2010