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DaNang Hut C-13 VMCJ-1 - RF4B Returning By Benson
EA6 By Benson VMCJ-1 at the Ready By Benson
DaNang Hut C-13 By Benson
Hut C-13 Memories 01
Hut C-13 Memories 02
Hut C-13 Memories 13
Bob Hope Christmas '68 Photo Install '68-69
Danang - J1 Living Area Danang - J1 Living Area 2 Danang - Nachtrieb
Camp Pendelton - Quen Dana Nachtrieb J-1 in Danang - Col Opeka and the photo guys. (l-r) Ken Hood, Les Leonard, Joe Janus, Col. Opeka, Jack Miller, Bobby Bills and Paul Reams
J-1 in Danang - Gunny Pruden and the Gunny from Gomer Pyle
J-1 in Danang - Donny Miller and Santa J-1 in Danang - Main St.
EF-10B VMCJ-1 (65-66) - Our Bird VMCJ-1
VMCJ-1 - Lt. Col. W.B. Fleming
VMCJ-1 - Operation Blue Star VMCJ-1 - Final Team 1975
On April 1, 1965, two 8th Bombardment Squadron B-57s are led into the area of Tchepone by a “Blind Bat” C-130 flare ship for the first night mission into Laos. A Marine EF-10B Douglas “Sky Knight” from VMCJ-1 brings up the rear to jam radar-controlled anti-aircraft systems and to detect missile sites preparing to launch as they continued north to the Mu Gia Pass on the North Vietnam/Laos border. The primary mission of the this unusual multi-service group was the destruction of truck convoys as they drove down the Ho Chi Minh Trail that fed the enemy to the south. - Oil painting by Keith Ferris    

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