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RF-4B Phantom II - VMCJ-2 RF-4B Phantom II - USMC
Head-on view of an RF-4B showing the reconnaissance Phantom’s distinctive forward-looking camera port.
In the late 1970s, all Marine Corp. RF-4Bs were assigned to a single squadron, VMFP-3. One of FP-3's aircraft is seen here carrying several Elint and ECM pods. RF-4B Phantom II - USMC - MCAS El Toro, CA - 1994 RF-4B Phantom II - General Arrangement
RF-4B Phantom II - VMFP-3 RF-4B Phantom II - VMFP-3 RF-4B Phantom II - VMFP-3
RF-4B Phantom II - Spirit of America RF-4B - Flying Leatherneck Museum - MCAS Miramar RF-4B - VMCJ-1
VMCJ-3 RF4B in flight    

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