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MCARA Aircraft > F9F-2P,5P Panther

The F9F-2P was the unarmed photographic reconnaissance version of the F9F-2 Panther used in Korea. The F9F-5P was a unarmed photo-reconnaissance version of the F9F-5 with a longer nose and 36 were built.

F9F-2P unarmed reconnaissance aircraft were deployed by VC-62 aboard the USS Princeton in December of 1950. Two years later, they were replaced by F9F-5Ps. Two Marine Corps reconnaissance (VMJ-1 and VMJ-3) squadrons flew F9F-5Ps. VMJ-3 was still flying F9F-5Ps when the squadron was redesignated VMCJ-3.

The F9F-5P was a specially built unarmed photographic reconnaissance version of the F9F-5. Unlike the F9F-2Ps, which were modified from existing F9F-2 airframes, the F9F-5Ps were built from scratch as unarmed photo-reconnaissance aircraft. 36 were built. The modified nose had the armament replaced by a housing for vertical and oblique cameras. The overall length was 40 feet as compared to 38 feet 10 1/2 inches for the standard F9F-5.

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