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The Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association, Inc. (MCARA), was formed in 1990 to serve the interests of active duty, retired and former Marines of all ranks & MOS who have served or are currently serving in Marine Corps aviation reconnaissance or electronic warfare units. New members are welcome! Join now!

President's Comments

Airborne reconnaissance has been an integral part of Marine aviation since 1911 and for the last 65 years, airborne electronic warfare (EW) has been part of that portfolio to detect, locate and interdict enemy air defense, communications and remotely controlled weapon systems. Since 1990, MCARA has been a non-profit, civilian proponent and advocate organization for Marine Corps aviation reconnaissance and EW doctrine, tactics, operators and systems, as well as a repository for information on past Marine Corps aviation EW/ reconnaissance operational accomplishments. As the latest Marine Corps EW aircraft, the EA- 6B, has sunset and the reconnaissance role of unmanned aircraft has been expanded to take on more airborne EW capabilities, MCARA was excited to support this MAGTF transition to a more robust spectrum maneuver warfare capability to counter the enemy's RF sensing, connecting and controlling capabilities. On 28-29 October 2015, MCARA partnered with the Association of Old Crows (AOC) to co-sponsor the Marine Corps Spectrum Maneuver Warfare Conference at MCAS Cherry Point. Immediately after this conference, MCARA sponsored a 2-day (30-31 October 2015) VMAQ/VMCJ Reunion and 40th Anniversary of VMAQ-2 at MCAS Cherry Point. We invited all MCARA members and non-members with past service or interest in Marine Corps aviation reconnaissance and EW units to join us at MCAS Cherry Point for both of these events. Click the above buttons to be directed to more information on these past events.

Semper Fi,

Kenny Watts
MCARA President

Upcoming Event!
2017 Reunion -

The MCARA Board of Directors (BOD) has established the dates for our next Reunion. We will connect with the VMAQ-4 Sunset activities in Cherry Point, NC at the Holiday Inn Express. The dates are 12-15 October 2017, registration being on Thursday, with Base Activities on Friday, and the Membership Meeting on Saturday with Reception and Dinner later that evening. The BOD has also gathered confirmation by vote from the Membership to effect the Sunset of MCARA as an independent organization. We expect to initiate the nesting of MCARA as a Squadron under MCAA auspices during this Reunion.

Guest of Honor — General J.R. Dailey

Questions/Suggestions — Len Ingram (256-536- 2694)

Holiday Inn Express — (252-447-9000)

• King $79.00
• Queen $89.00

Cost Summary — Pending, but quite reasonable.

Email Len Ingram any questions.

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Secretary/Treasurer: Len Ingram
Home Phone: (256) 536-2694

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